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My Purposeful Planning developed naturally from my process of using planning to help me be more intentional and purposeful in my life. I have been that overwhelmed, “hot mess” mama, but I’m also determined NOT to stay that way. I take issues I’ve been dealing with or areas I’ve been struggling, and I make a plan to problem solve and make things better in some way… it’s making the decision to be intentional or purposeful and planning a way to do things differently next time.

Sometimes it’s something spiritual I’ve learned, and sometimes it’s taking the time to create a new system of doing things or developing a new resource that provides me with more of the function that I’m looking for. I LOVE to share those tips and ideas with you guys, and that’s what you’ll get here!

It’s my prayer that you find inspiration, encouragement, and the motivation to plan to be more purposeful in YOUR life!

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