The Doors to the Online Course are now OPEN!!

FREE Deluxe Planner Offer Ends Tomorrow!

Hey, sweet friends!
This has been such a fun week for My Purposeful Planning! Not only did we all ring in a new year and get a fresh start to set all new goals for a brand new year, but I also hosted a webinar to help you Plan Your Purposeful Year, released a new podcast episode for Choosing Your Word of the Year, Hosted a Shop Sale, and have launched the online course, Plan Your Purposeful Life. I feel like I’ve been teasing you about this course for what seems like forever, but then I realized it’s only been in the works for a little over a year… so that’s actually, not too terribly long. I don’t even know when I first mentioned it to you guys, but I’m proud to say that the doors are now open!

Tell me more about the Online Course!

The doors to the online course are now open and will remain open through January 8th at the Founding Members' Price.

There's a Special Bonus Offer if you sign up THIS WEEKEND through Sunday, and I'll send you the entire download of the Deluxe Purposeful Life Planner to use with your course registration OR you can choose to take $20 off any Physical Planner from my shop if you'd rather do that option.

I want a FREE Planner and the Course!

And Finally, here is my post about my 2021 Yearly Goals that I’ve just published.

Take me to the post!

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