Have your found your perfect 2021 Planner yet?!

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It’s Planner Season… you know the season where every one is searching for that perfect planner for 2021?! Especially after one doozy of a year in 2020, we’re all ready to hit the ground running and plan our year of purpose in 2021 aren’t we??

  • Have you found yourself writing notes and reminders in random places and then not being able to find them when you really need them???

  • Maybe you’ve tried using just one notebook for ALL.THE.THINGS but when you really needed to find something… you were wasting your time flipping through pages and pages trying to remember exactly where it was??

  • Maybe you’re finding yourself frazzled because your home seems overwhelming without routines and systems, and you can’t figure out how to plan fun things for your family…

  • Or do you find yourself just running around aimlessly all day and wondering where your time is really going?

  • Have you ever sat down to a blank sheet of paper and tried to plan something and just didn’t know where to begin?

Friend, I want to help you. I’ve got just what you need.

I have been there too! Believe me! I vividly remember one of my kids asking me for clean socks, and I completely lost it because I just felt so overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities as a mom and all of the other hats I wear.

I am a natural problem-solver. I have struggles and frustrations, and I work to figure out a solution. I’m a planner girl too, but I didn’t have a planning system that fit ALL MY NEEDS… I was still a little frazzled there, UNTIL I created my own! But I wanted so much more than JUST a planner. I needed something for ALL the main areas of my life. I want to be a well-rounded, purposeful mama….and I needed a tool that would help me make plans and live with purpose in ALL THE AREAS and so I created the solution for that.

This is it. The DELUXE Purposeful Life Planner…to help you plan your life of purpose in all the areas that really matter! (It’s like a Life Planner, a Home Management Binder, and Filing System
all in one!)

You don’t have to worry. I’ve got you, girl! I’ve done all of the work for you. This is kind of my jam, ya know? I LOVE geeking out and nerding over things like creating systems and plans and making it all work for as many families as possible!

I’ve spent the time thinking and designing and even trying it all out. I’ve been using these things for months and months. It makes life so easy when everything you need it so easily accessible. I wanted to duplicate it for you too, because I know it will help you. I know it’s going to ease your mind and give you exactly what you need to plan your purposeful life.

You can choose from the Basic Purposeful Planner to the Deluxe Purposeful Life Planner or any Custom Planner in between to fit your needs!
*Cover Options vary, but you can choose whatever you like from a list of available options!

Take me to the Shop!

And, oh… because it’s Planner Season… My Purposeful Planning Shop Sales are Starting Now as well!!

—This Week Through Friday—

30% off All Printed Bundles
50% off All Digital Downloads & Digital Download Bundles
FREE SHIPPING on all Physical Planners

**No Coupon Code Needed… Everything is already marked down**

—And Tomorrow!—

I’m going to host a LIVE “Plan your Purposeful Year” Webinar on the
My Purposeful Planning Facebook Page. I’m going to announce a Special Offer for all Webinar Attendees and let you know how you can get a FREE Deluxe Purposeful Life Planner or a Discount Code on the Physical Planner! This is something I’ve never offered before, so make sure you make plans to attend the webinar or catch the replay!

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